Rishi Earl Grey Tea Review

A Timeless Tea Blend

Earl Grey Tea was first marketed in Great Britain in the mid-1800s. Like the original British blends, Rishi Earl Grey tea is made from Chinese black teas. It is flavored with natural oils from bergamot orange.

The Rishi Earl Grey tea box presents some excellent snippets of information, such as a short history lesson of Earl Grey tea, the tea's origin, maps, and a picture of the tea leaves. In the past, I gushed over Rishi's attractive packaging in my
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Rishi Earl Grey PackageRishi Earl Grey Package

I love learning more about the tea I'm drinking!

Quality Tea and Real Refreshing Citrus

The detailed descriptions on the box tell me that Rishi Earl Grey contains essential bergamot oil, not artificial or synthetic flavoring like many Earl Greys use these days. The tea itself is organic and fair trade certified. I have a feeling Rishi makes a special effort to include only quality ingredients.

Rishi Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Earl Greys are known for their citrusy flair. When I took in a whiff from the just-opened bag of tea leaves, I placed the scent as most similar to lemon. As a side note, bergamot orange is an extremely sour citrus fruit that grows in Southern Italy and has different characteristics from a traditional orange.

Once brewed, I found the scent of the tea to be floral and sweet. The tea has quite a pleasing aroma if you ask me. The color is a rich orange-brown.

Rishi Earl Grey Tea

Southern China Meets Southern Italy

Yunnan tea, from Southern China, is known as a smooth tea. The essence of bergamot orange (a fruit from Southern Italy) compliments it nicely to make a smooth, mellow cup of tea that is enjoyable any time of the day. It's black tea with a slight citrusy punch.

This tea makes me think of the well-known Canal Street area in New York City, where there is a juncture between Chinatown and Little Italy and you can easily wander into either one.

A little China and a little Italy in my cup of tea please!

Pros of Rishi Earl Grey Tea:

  • Uses quality Chinese black tea and real essential oils
  • Fun and interesting packaging
  • Smooth, sweet, citrusy, and floral

Try It For Yourself!

Do you know an Earl Grey tea lover? Rishi Earl Grey tea makes an excellent gift because the packaging is so exceptional!

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