Loose Leaf Tea Bags

Some clever tea companies have managed to find a sweet spot between quality tea and the convenience we love. If you haven't heard, there's a new tea bag on the block.

Introducing loose leaf tea bags…

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch

If you're a tea drinker who wants a little extra sophistication with your next cup of tea but no extra work, this is for you!

I loved this idea as soon as I heard of it. It's a marriage of quality and convenience. The bags (or pouches) are made of materials like nylon and silk since paper impedes the flow of water through the tea leaves.

No measuring, no cleaning up wet tea leaves. The tea bag does all the work so you don't have to!

You might be interested in loose leaf tea bags if you are...

  • Fascinated, yet a little intimidated, by loose tea leaves.
  • Interested in dabbling in higher quality teas than what you would find in a standard tea bag.
  • Looking for "special" teas to enhance your own tea-drinking experience or to give as a gift.

Two Excellent Options

1. Mighty Leaf Tea has led the way in merging the quality of loose whole leaf tea with the convenience of tea bags. Their concept is simple: a larger bag that is spacious enough for the tea leaves to unfurl and porous enough to allow for water flow. The bag is a compostable silken pouch, a higher quality solution to the problem of the traditional paper tea bag.

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch

2. Adagio Tea sells full-leaf tea in pyramid bags. Instead of using flat bags, the pyramid-shaped bags are three-dimensional, which Adagio says allows plenty of room for the leaves to expand. You can still enjoy quality tea without compromising the portability and ease of the tea bag.

Why Use Black Loose Leaf Tea?

Black tea is especially well suited for loose leaf tea bags. With other teas, you have to fret over getting the water within a specific hot temperature range. Black teas are easier because they brew in boiling water. You still pour the boiling water right over the top of the bag like you would for any other tea bag.

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