Golden Monkey Tea

Golden Monkey is a funny name for an excellent tea. This tea grows in southern China. It is comprised of the youngest leaves of the tea plant, making it high quality and also one of the most expensive types of black tea.

Golden Monkey Tea Leaves

About Golden Monkey Tea

This tea is smooth and delightful. One of the finer black teas, it is known for its delicate taste. It is frequently characterized as sweet with notes of cocoa. It is a mild tea that with very little astringency.

The tea is picked during the spring and only one leaf and one bud are plucked from the tea plant. Golden Monkey is a "tippy tea," meaning it contains small unopened buds, or tips. The tips are lighter than the rest of the leaves, resulting in a liquor that is lighter in color than most black teas. The young tips contribute to a mild taste and a tea of very respectable quality.


Fujian and Yunnan Provinces, China


Flavor: Rich, sweet, nutty with notes of chocolate or caramel

Aroma: Subtle sweetness

Color: Light brown

Body: Medium to Full

Brewing Instructions

Steep in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.


Golden Monkey grows in regions of China that have long produced black teas. What makes it different and more exquisite than other teas is that it's picked exclusively in the spring and only the bud and one leaf (the tip of the tea plant) are plucked. Therefore, the leaves are very young, which imparts a particularly delicate flavor.

What About the Funny Name?

Golden what???

Many teas are named for the region in which they are grown (as in Assam tea from Assam, India or Yunnan tea from Yunnan, China.

So what's this tea got to do with monkeys? They say that the dry tea leaves resemble monkey paws (or monkey tails depending on who you ask). It's an odd comparison, but the leaves do indeed have a slight "fuzzy" texture!

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