I have high standards for Black Tea World and aim to have a website that is informative and helpful to my readers. This statement of disclosure explains my relationships and how I receive compensation.

I love tea and enjoy reviewing tea and tea-related products for the benefit of my readers. Occasionally, companies send me products for free. While I appreciate this and it's always nice to get something for free, all opinions expressed are my own. I do not accept payment for positive reviews, or any reviews for that matter.

Only teas and products that fit with the overall theme of the website are included on Black Tea World. I also provide the opportunity for others to leave their own opinions at the bottom of a review.

If I received free samples, I say so in the review. I do many reviews on products for which nothing was received for free. I believe in having a relationship with my readers that is as open and transparent as possible.

Additionally, Black Tea World has numerous helpful links. Some links go to affiliate partners through which I receive compensation if purchases are made.

Thank you for visiting Black Tea World and for supporting it through your purchases!


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