Chai Tea Recipes

Chai is a brilliant and versatile drink. As these chai tea recipes show, the beverage can be made steaming hot or ice cold and you can make it as sweet and creamy as you like. Chai is completely adaptable to your daily tastes and the changing seasons.

Milk, Sugar, and Other Options

"Sweet and Creamy" is pretty much a given for chai tea and there are numerous ways to achieve this, like the following common chai additives. Awaken your inner chemist and have fun experimenting!

Sweet Solutions: white sugar, brown sugar, honey, agave nectar, simple syrup, and artificial sweeteners.

Creamy Considerations: dairy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and vanilla-flavored milk.

Chai Tea Recipes

Basic Chai Tea (Masala Chai)

Our basic chai tea recipe features two options:

  1. A recipe where you use your owns spices (most of which likely live in your cabinet), simmer on your stovetop, and make you kitchen smell like an Indian cafe.
  2. An easier version using tea bags that is particularly useful in a time crunch.

Turn either one into an iced chai beverage!

Iced Coconut Chai Latte

When you're looking for a cold, satisfying, expensive-cafe-style beverage, this iced coconut chai tea latte is it! A smooth and delicious drink hits, it hits the spot on a warm spring or summer day.

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