Art of Tea Masala Chai

A Colorful Blend in a Shiny Tin

This Art of Tea Masala Chai (anyone know who Tali is?) came to me in a slender silver cylinder. I envision the tin having a second life as a pencil holder on my desk. The label says you can also use it to get refills at an Art of Tea store.

Art of Tea Chai

The tea itself is a fun-looking mix featuring whole cardamom pods and other large spicy chunks that give me great hopes for a flavorful cup of chai. The full ingredient list also includes Assam tea, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, all organic. Assam tea has a reputation for making a great chai because it's robust enough to stand up to the added spices, so it seems like a wise choice.

I'm further encouraged by the lovely aroma wafting from the dry mix...

Art of Tea Chai

...{inhales deeply}.

I'm especially amused by the "peek hole," a small circle of clear plastic positioned at the bottom to reveal the goodness inside without letting in tons of light (so smart!).

The window that exposes the blend from below...

Art of Tea Chai

What's noticably missing? Peppercorn! Chai blends often contain peppercorn for a lively peppery punch. Art of Tea decided to omit this spice from their mix.

I steeped my tea on the long side of the recommended 3-5 minutes and added almond milk and honey. The two additions made excellent compliments to the chai and I'm sure regular milk and sugar would do just fine too. The flavor is not overly spicy or powerful. This is a tea I could enjoy any time of day and throughout the year (although in general I still consider chai a fall favorite).

A mug of hot spicy goodness awaits...

Art of Tea Chai in Cup

Pros of Art of Tea Masala Chai:

  • Big chunks of spices make an attractive mix.
  • A flavor that is balanced but not overwhelmingly spicy.
  • Tall narrow tin promises lots of opportunity for creative re-use.

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