Adagio Thai Chai Review

Chai with a Thai Twist!

I love most things Thai and Chai, so this "Thai Chai" by Adagio Teas sounded like a slam dunk and I was excited to give it a try. It's a blend of black tea, coconut, lemon grass, ginger, and cardamom. That description alone incites curiosity!

When I got a whiff of the mix as I opened the package, I was further convinced this tea was going to be a winner. Ahhh...the sweet and lovely smell of coconut. It's a beautiful looking blend too.

Check out all the fun bits and pieces...hello lemon grass!

Thai Chai

Once brewed, the lemon REALLY came through in both flavor and aroma. The lemon taste was stronger than I expected, but since I often like tea with lemon anyway, I found it pleasant and enjoyable.

I tried the Thai Chai plain and it was pretty tasty. Then I added honey and a splash of milk and it was AMAZING. I'd take it either way but I especially recommend adding milk and a sweetener! Creaminess brings out wonderful things in this blend.

Thai Chai

Adagio's Thai Chai is a cool and fun alternative to the classic masala chai. The flavors of lemon and coconut make it lighter and brisker than a traditional chai. These two flavors were so dominant that I hardly noticed the other spices.

Traditional masala chai makes me think cozy thoughts (of the sitting-on-a-couch-with-a-blanket-on-a-crisp-fall-day variety). The flavors of Thai Chai are more tropical and less "warming," so for me it qualifies as a "summertime chai."

Try it for yourself! Find Thai Chai by Adagio.

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