Adagio Golden Monkey Review

Funny Name, Smooth Tea

Adagio Golden Monkey tea comes from the Fujian Province on the extreme eastern edge of China. When the tea is harvested, only the the bud and one leaf are picked from the tea plant.

The dry leaves in Adagio's Golden Monkey tea are long and slender. Some have soft golden tips that look like gentle highlights in the dark mass of tea leaves. I find it cool and interesting that the golden parts actually have a fuzzy texture! The dry leaves smell very fresh.

Adagio Golden Monkey Tea Leaves

Golden Tips = Good Tea

Besides looking neat, the presence of golden leaf buds (the youngest part of the plant) contributes to this tea's delicate taste. Buds, or golden tips, are associated with high quality.

Once brewed, the liquor is a pretty golden brown with a subtle aroma. The taste is mellow, smooth, and gently sweet. To me, it tasted sweeter as it cooled. This Golden Monkey is a very palatable tea. I have a hard time imagining anyone being turned off by this tea as it's agreeable, mild, and gentle on the tastebuds.

Adagio Golden Monkey Tea

Although I could drink this tea any time of the day, it would really hit the spot in the evening because it's not as robust as many other black teas. Maybe with cookies or a slice of pound cake...mmm!

Pros of Adagio Golden Monkey Tea:

  • Mild taste with no astringency
  • A touch of sweetness
  • Golden tips make an attractive mix and delightful tea

Try It For Yourself!

Golden Monkey Tea

Adagio Golden Monkey Tea is available as loose leaf tea and full leaf pyramid bags.

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