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Andrea and Randy

Who Are We?

We're a small family of three living in New York City where we work, play, and dream big dreams. We enjoy tea, travel, and high quality dark chocolate.

Andrea is the writer, taster, and recipe-maker and rarely goes a day without drinking tea. She was a structural engineer for five years and now runs a small shipping business.

Randy provides technical support and lends his photography skills. He is a former airline pilot and current air traffic controller with a degree in aerospace engineering. Yes, this guy likes airplanes!

Our young son (born February 2013) is our greatest source of joy. He keeps us on our toes and, dare I say, drinking caffeine!

Our goal through Black Tea World is to give you the best information possible on all things black tea. From types of black tea to tea kettles to black tea health benefits and more, we strive to provide valuable information and improve your tea-drinking experience.

New to Black Tea?

We hope you find this site informative and a helpful introduction to all things black tea, like loose tea leaves vs tea bags, how black tea compares to green tea, and other aspects you might be curious about.

Already a Tea Enthusiast?

We hope to provide resources for your continued tea-drinking journey and perhaps introduce you to new black teas or tea blends. We'd love to hear feedback from you on the types you enjoy and any tips or experiences you would like to share!

We're glad you found Black Tea World and hope you'll stick around!

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